Getting Lost in Reinvention

Sometimes it is easy to be distracted by the small details that we tweak and manipulate. Trapped by needless innovation, we run the risk of getting lost in reinvention.

Don’t get me wrong. Innovation is key to growth, and we should be constantly looking at those things that we should change about our lives, our routines, or our business practices. But there are also those times where we need to stay the course. There are moments where ‘good enough’ is good for now.

If we spend all of our time in reinvention, we never know who we are or if we are growing. So it’s a balancing act, just like anything else in the creative realm. Focus on small r reinvention, not big R Reinvention. You do not have to completely overhaul your business model every few weeks. In fact, after a few years, your business should look very different then it did when you first started.

Slow moments of incremental change and growth are the sweet spot. Gradually, over time, we can reinvent ourselves while maintaining healthy perceptions of our goals and business growth. We can grow, shift, and expand our client base without completely rebranding every few months. Getting lost in reinvention means losing your day-to-day perspective as well.

And while it is fun to learn and to try new things -as well as being important for our sanity and overall growth- do not get distracted by the new shiny toys to the point where you are no longer playing with the ones that are still working.

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