Ready to Shift

No matter how tight your planning, how deep your desire, sometimes in creative work you just have to be ready to shift. It’s not that you didn’t try, or that you didn’t have a great ideal; it’s just time and the universe pulling you in a different direction. Most of the time, this kind of […]

Defining Your Process

Quick, buy my course on creating your very own, sales-driven process that’s guaranteed to make you millions! Or -actually- don’t. I would never begrudge anyone their hustle, but if someone ever tries to sell you certified success, you are just funding theirs. Defining your process, making it your own, is how you move forward. If […]


It’s difficult not to take things personally, especially in our professional lives. And while I would love to live under some measure of hakuna matata, that isn’t the case. Whether it’s ideas that are rejected, or lessons that are ignored, disappointment can be a difficult emotion to wrangle. The upside, if you didn’t feel it, […]

Starting a Project

When you are starting a project, even more so if it’s for a new client, the etiquette around the writing can be tricky to navigate. On the one hand, you are the professional they have called in. On the other hand, they have a particular vision that they want to achieve. Finding balance between your […]

The Copywriter’s Role

Clients often misinterpret the copywriter‘s role in branding and marketing. We are not there to write pretty words or to ‘send messages’. We don’t have magical abilities to entrance the population with our words. It is not our job to tell you what you should be saying. Our role is to learn, ask questions, gain […]

Working as a Copywriter

How do you get started, working as a copywriter? This is one of the biggest questions struggle with. Most days I feel good about getting started in this career. Other days I wonder why I haven’t been able to go further. Just remember, your path forward is defined by your goals, not a predetermined plan. […]

Working from Home is Not the Goal

Expectations When it comes to starting this career, working from home is not the goal. At least, it hasn’t been for me. I like to get out into the world and meet with people. I like going to my other job, interacting with peers and students. Can you do this from home? Sure, but if […]

Rich Copywriter

If my goal was to be financially wealthy, then the path of copywriting would be incredibly frustrating. I have no need for a Ferrari, mansion, or a yacht with a helicopter pad. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to any of those things, but my happiness is not contingent on their acquisition. No, the real […]

Why Writing

As a professional in multiple fields, I am do get the question often “why writing?”. Especially so far into my first career, it seems insane that I would need to branch out. But that is the best word to describe it: need. Teaching is fantastic. I love every second I am in the classroom, or […]

Feeling It

There are absolutely days when you have to admit to yourself that you just aren’t feeling it. The words aren’t jumping off your fingertips, the inspiration isn’t coming, and every sentence is a prison. When these moments happen, we must get to know when it’s time to take a break, and when it’s time to […]