Why Writing

As a professional in multiple fields, I am do get the question often “why writing?”. Especially so far into my first career, it seems insane that I would need to branch out. But that is the best word to describe it: need.

Teaching is fantastic. I love every second I am in the classroom, or supporting learning, or working with my fellow staff members. Problem solving and being around people is pure joy to me. I love learning. And I am in no way looking for a way out of the profession.

Writing is just a part of me. It always has been. I wasn’t just a nerd who took notes in English class in high school; I was the nerd who took notes in poetic form. From poems to short stories, to novels, to content and copywriting, the flow of language has always fascinated me.

The problem I have had as purely a teacher is that I forgot that side of myself. I didn’t leave enough time in the day for me to explore my written soul. This led to a lot of problems: physical, mental, and emotional. You must be true to yourself, or your own body will rebel against you.

Clawing my way back has meant coming back to what I had been ignoring. I write every day, sometimes for hours and I am calmer, more focused. The zen of the pen has led to me being a better partner, father, teacher, and friend. I am finding myself slowly in the words again.

It isn’t wasted time, no matter who doesn’t take the time to read my words. Writing fills a need on a cellular level no matter if I have an audience or not.

Why writing? Because I can’t afford not to.

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