The flow pulls me in Over the edge I fly with the water Foaming, expanding, falling Flowing, going, Going, gone I am in my head Again Trying to break free Of that which holds me Down Let it go Let if flow Let it drift on tides To places unknown The rush and the roar […]


The mist rolls in Over the evergreens Reaching to heaven Layer on layer Into the blue distance A beautiful cliche That never tires My eyes were stuck Through winding roads And endless paths Into, over and around The mountains For a lad from the prairies It is a breathtaking sight To have the world swallow […]

Long Travel Days

There is something hypnotic and frightening to me about long travel days. I can’t help falling to sleep in the car while my mind wanders listlessly through endless storylines, to-do lists, and vague imagination. Sometimes I will even break into a little anxiety, just to shake things up. But now there is something to do […]

Over Relaxed

There may be a point When you become Over relaxed Where the cares of this world Melt too far away To even be acknowledged There may be a point Where you don’t feel The pressure to perfome To write To feel to create Where the world Isn’t watching Your every move There may be a […]


Exhaustion melts my motivation Like a candle in the sun Waning and falling over In a useless clump There is no energy No passion in the midday sun The heat oppresses Compresses And compels lackadaisical thinking Thoughts foggy Memories cloudy Purpose opaque There is no such thing as energy In the tropical sunlight Unless it […]

On Pain

As your average sufferer of pain, I often wonder why this is such an important feeling for us. To know that something needs attention should be enough, so why were we gifted with the sharp, searing feelings in our bodies? My thoughts on pain have shifted silently as I grow older. Pain is necessary. It […]

Finding Extraordinary

I am not rich. I mean, I know where my next meal is coming from and I have a healthy family life, so yeah, I am rich. But I wouldn’t say that I am wealthy. Which only means that I can’t pay for extraordinary. Would I like to go to Disney with my family and […]

Seeing the Work

It’s a funny truth that I keep losing track of, but the more consistent you are with your writing, the better your ability will be at seeing the work. After a bit of a rollercoaster, being back on a writing schedule has me absolutely jazzed daily. I look forward to this time I have set […]


They say that laughter is the best medicine. Whoever they are, they are right. There is nothing more cohesive, more inspiring, and more cherished that absolutely losing your mind in laughter. And it is such a strange experience. Think about it. Total lack of your physical body. It should be the most embarrassing thing on […]


Fireworks are the little miracle That we forget And only remember when They are dancing in the sky Fireworks are that magic that Binds old and new Bringing us all to the brink And drowning us in memories If we take the time To let the colours seep into Our souls then The magic can […]