Exhaustion melts my motivation

Like a candle in the sun

Waning and falling over

In a useless clump

There is no energy

No passion in the midday sun

The heat oppresses


And compels lackadaisical thinking

Thoughts foggy

Memories cloudy

Purpose opaque

There is no such thing as energy

In the tropical sunlight

Unless it is in shade

Or under the wind

Of an artic blast

The heat and brightness

Pulling at my inspiration

Like sand in an hourglass

Until my minutes are up

My temper flares with the sun

Just like my patience wilts

The burden of my sweat

Stings my eyes

I curse and

Scream and


Shake my fist at the sky

Seek shelter in the shade

Only to have the heat

Follow me there

So, I sleep

I sleep like I have longed for death

Let the cool dreams cary me

Until I wake

Again in fall

Exhaustion banished

With the sun

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