Ready to Shift

No matter how tight your planning, how deep your desire, sometimes in creative work you just have to be ready to shift. It’s not that you didn’t try, or that you didn’t have a great ideal; it’s just time and the universe pulling you in a different direction. Most of the time, this kind of […]

Defining Your Process

Quick, buy my course on creating your very own, sales-driven process that’s guaranteed to make you millions! Or -actually- don’t. I would never begrudge anyone their hustle, but if someone ever tries to sell you certified success, you are just funding theirs. Defining your process, making it your own, is how you move forward. If […]

The Next Step

I find myself at a crossroads, these days. I am enjoying both of my jobs immensely. I work with incredible educators who challenge me and my practice in the best of ways. I am also enjoying the creative work that I am doing, both the creative and the copywriting. One feeds the other which feeds […]


The mad rush, the furious clacking of keys, and you frantically trying to keep up with the rushing in your head. You have the right idea, and you know it. Right down to your fingertips. The excitement is electric as you dance over the keyboard, time slipping away in the rhythmic clicking. It is intoxicating, […]

Keep Writing

Having a great day? Fantastic, get to writing. Having a rough day? Great, reflect on paper or use a keyboard. There is no inconvenient time, no bad mood, and no excuses. We just need to keep writing. I cannot express how much time I have wasted waiting for divine inspiration before getting to work. I […]

Feeling It

There are absolutely days when you have to admit to yourself that you just aren’t feeling it. The words aren’t jumping off your fingertips, the inspiration isn’t coming, and every sentence is a prison. When these moments happen, we must get to know when it’s time to take a break, and when it’s time to […]

Preparation vs Innovation

Preparation vs innovation does not have to be a rough conflict. Some prefer to approach projects cold and lead clients into new, unnavigated waters. Others prefer to research and mimic past voices. Each path has its own charms, but only in combining these trails do we find the best way forward. Clients and businesses have […]

Getting the Story

It’s a natural and central part of the job to be writing about your clients and their business. They will want you to write in a way that reflects the voice of the business. To do that, you need to know their story. In getting the story of their business, be careful not to be […]


No doubt about it, our day is filled with useless moments. From too much time on social media, to problem solving the petty things for others, or just putting our focus in the wrong projects. There are altogether too many distractions. But like many other frequent problems, it’s not something to run away from, but […]

Breaking Down

We call it by a lot of names: writer’s block, clamming up, or going dry. But at one point, right when you were at the climax of your story, you have felt that brick wall jump out of nowhere and smash you in the face. That story that you thought was so clear becomes hazy. […]