The flow pulls me in Over the edge I fly with the water Foaming, expanding, falling Flowing, going, Going, gone I am in my head Again Trying to break free Of that which holds me Down Let it go Let if flow Let it drift on tides To places unknown The rush and the roar […]


The mist rolls in Over the evergreens Reaching to heaven Layer on layer Into the blue distance A beautiful cliche That never tires My eyes were stuck Through winding roads And endless paths Into, over and around The mountains For a lad from the prairies It is a breathtaking sight To have the world swallow […]

Long Travel Days

There is something hypnotic and frightening to me about long travel days. I can’t help falling to sleep in the car while my mind wanders listlessly through endless storylines, to-do lists, and vague imagination. Sometimes I will even break into a little anxiety, just to shake things up. But now there is something to do […]

Over Relaxed

There may be a point When you become Over relaxed Where the cares of this world Melt too far away To even be acknowledged There may be a point Where you don’t feel The pressure to perfome To write To feel to create Where the world Isn’t watching Your every move There may be a […]


Exhaustion melts my motivation Like a candle in the sun Waning and falling over In a useless clump There is no energy No passion in the midday sun The heat oppresses Compresses And compels lackadaisical thinking Thoughts foggy Memories cloudy Purpose opaque There is no such thing as energy In the tropical sunlight Unless it […]

Getting the Travel Jitters

It’s that time of year again. We are getting ready to go travel the world, as we are want to do. It’s something I would have never dreamed of in my youth. We were lucky to visit family a few hours away. Once, I even went with my class to Florida. But ever since marrying […]

Into the Unknown

Into the unknown Is frightening Enlightening Anxiety ridden Into the unknown For someone who plans And plans And takes no action Is just taking a single step Forward Into the unknown To see that it’s terrifying But worth it That it will always be scary But exciting That it will never be easy But that’s […]

Pushing Through

Some more letters written today and some more tweaking. The closer I get to this particular goal, the more terrified I get. It’s not even the idea that I will fail, or I am not as good as I would like to be. Hell, even the idea of success seizes me guts cold. Really, it’s […]

A touch of summer

A touch of summer in the eyes On lids closed As a warm breeze kisses our faces It’s bright enough the see the green The hope of the world Even with our eyes closed We can smell the air Untainted As it tickles our faces Rushing past to bring smiles To everyone on the lake […]

I am Still Going

I am still going, even though I don’t have a clue what I am doing. I mean, when it comes to writing, I am fine. I am a great storyteller and I know that I have a way with words. When it comes to the business side of things . . . well, I certainly […]