A touch of summer

A touch of summer in the eyes

On lids closed

As a warm breeze kisses our faces

It’s bright enough the see the green

The hope of the world

Even with our eyes closed

We can smell the air


As it tickles our faces

Rushing past to bring smiles

To everyone on the lake

A touch of summer of the face

Of everyone who spent

Just a little too long

Basking in the rays

And swimming in the depths

of the season

Sunkissed skin, with the clean sweat

Of humidity and heat

Often washed by the cool waters

Of the lake

A touch of summer in the smile

The full and laughing

And stories

Old and new

Told with the eagerness

Of the newly freed

While we huddle together

For a warmth

Undeliverable by any


The light that holds us now

Is more fragile than a hairs width

But stronger than steel

The coldness of this world


In a touch of summer

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