On Theme Parks and Storytelling

On theme parks and storytelling, I have recently had a lot to explore. While traveling with my family, we have visited several parks as part of our vacation. We have been on some exceptionally good rides. Roller coasters with digital elements blended seamlessly into the background. But what stands out, at the end of our […]

Seeing the Work

It’s a funny truth that I keep losing track of, but the more consistent you are with your writing, the better your ability will be at seeing the work. After a bit of a rollercoaster, being back on a writing schedule has me absolutely jazzed daily. I look forward to this time I have set […]


They say that laughter is the best medicine. Whoever they are, they are right. There is nothing more cohesive, more inspiring, and more cherished that absolutely losing your mind in laughter. And it is such a strange experience. Think about it. Total lack of your physical body. It should be the most embarrassing thing on […]

Getting the Travel Jitters

It’s that time of year again. We are getting ready to go travel the world, as we are want to do. It’s something I would have never dreamed of in my youth. We were lucky to visit family a few hours away. Once, I even went with my class to Florida. But ever since marrying […]

Into the Unknown

Into the unknown Is frightening Enlightening Anxiety ridden Into the unknown For someone who plans And plans And takes no action Is just taking a single step Forward Into the unknown To see that it’s terrifying But worth it That it will always be scary But exciting That it will never be easy But that’s […]

Pushing Through

Some more letters written today and some more tweaking. The closer I get to this particular goal, the more terrified I get. It’s not even the idea that I will fail, or I am not as good as I would like to be. Hell, even the idea of success seizes me guts cold. Really, it’s […]

A touch of summer

A touch of summer in the eyes On lids closed As a warm breeze kisses our faces It’s bright enough the see the green The hope of the world Even with our eyes closed We can smell the air Untainted As it tickles our faces Rushing past to bring smiles To everyone on the lake […]

Having a Good Day

I really enjoyed having a good day today. Just like yesterday, I found my flow and my story feels the closest to finished it ever has. I was facing down fear and self-doubt all day. I was planning the future while securing my present. And just like that, right at the end, my lizard brain […]

Another five hundred

So, I have been working all day. The good kind. The writing kind. With the keyboard clacking and my mind going almost blank as the story just appears on the screen. I hit my flow and it was spectacular. I was in it for a few hours. But now I am exhausted, physically and mentally, […]


Exhaustion is more than just feeling tired, it is an overwhelming emotional and moral fatigue that permeates every facet of your life. You don’t fight exhaustion, you either succumb to it or you work on healing it. Anyone trying to give you the advice just to shrug it off doesn’t know what they are talking […]