Exhaustion is more than just feeling tired, it is an overwhelming emotional and moral fatigue that permeates every facet of your life. You don’t fight exhaustion, you either succumb to it or you work on healing it. Anyone trying to give you the advice just to shrug it off doesn’t know what they are talking […]

The Next Step

I find myself at a crossroads, these days. I am enjoying both of my jobs immensely. I work with incredible educators who challenge me and my practice in the best of ways. I am also enjoying the creative work that I am doing, both the creative and the copywriting. One feeds the other which feeds […]


The mad rush, the furious clacking of keys, and you frantically trying to keep up with the rushing in your head. You have the right idea, and you know it. Right down to your fingertips. The excitement is electric as you dance over the keyboard, time slipping away in the rhythmic clicking. It is intoxicating, […]

Keep Writing

Having a great day? Fantastic, get to writing. Having a rough day? Great, reflect on paper or use a keyboard. There is no inconvenient time, no bad mood, and no excuses. We just need to keep writing. I cannot express how much time I have wasted waiting for divine inspiration before getting to work. I […]

Achieving Flow

I am not going to be giving you the formula for being productive in your writing. There is no magical formula of: minds-on activity + music = instant innovation. Most importantly, if anyone offers to sell you such a recipe, don’t offer up your money. The only solution that person is offering is how to […]

Breaking Down

We call it by a lot of names: writer’s block, clamming up, or going dry. But at one point, right when you were at the climax of your story, you have felt that brick wall jump out of nowhere and smash you in the face. That story that you thought was so clear becomes hazy. […]


We are all getting too used to cabin fever. Don’t get me wrong, being at home with my family is still -by far- my favourite place to be. But there is something about the necessity of ‘staying here’ that can make the experience taxing. In a normal week, I usually get some time to myself. […]

Influencing the Present

I still remember meeting my partner’s grandmother for the first time. She was petit, determined, and fastidious to a degree I have never seen before. Fierce, loyal, and would have taught the most ardent environmental warrior a thing or two about recycling. She had grown up in the Depression, so it was always fascinating to […]


Consistency in your daily writing is not something you owe to anyone else. Taking the time to write is a gift that you owe yourself. And while success in writing is the dream, the goal is to get better, both in terms of skill and in terms of balance. Trust me, when it comes to […]

Know Your Moment

For some of us, this is entirely about routine. You write one thousand words -every day, without fail- right after breakfast. That’s when the mood strikes you, or when you know to tame it, and you are at your most productive. I think that’s incredibly efficient and self-aware. You must know your moment, in the […]