Under the Weather

It’s not the way that you wanted to get it done, but sometimes your body just decides that it is time. Your breakneck speed finally catches up to you. No, you are not superhuman. And no, you can’t do everything you want to do, no matter the barrier. This is not the sniffles, you are not just under the weather, you are sick.

I got that breakdown, shutdown, full body collapse kind of sick. Where you brain feels like it is swimming through fog. Your muscles feel like they are about a second away from being electrocuted. Where you constantly feel the humidity of your own body raining down your face and yet, simultaneously, feel like you are living in an arctic blast.

I probably should have been taking a closer look at the signs. It’s not the first time this has happened to me. You think by now I might have learned my lesson. Just not the case. In most cases, it’s admirable to move past the little things. A stuffy nose should not be slowing you down.

But sometimes we fail to see a collection of those things gang up on us like a toy army and take us down. We run right past the warning signs our bodies give us a fall flat on our face in a storm of exhaustion and bad health.

When that happens, take it as a learning experience. Take the time, get better, and try to recognize when you are pushing too much. You can’t be creative when you are buried under the weather.

In time, I might even figure out how to do that myself.

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