Finding Extraordinary

I am not rich. I mean, I know where my next meal is coming from and I have a healthy family life, so yeah, I am rich. But I wouldn’t say that I am wealthy. Which only means that I can’t pay for extraordinary.

Would I like to go to Disney with my family and stay on the premises in a resort? Of course. Would love to own a piece of the Saskatchewan Roughriders? Absolutely. Would I love a mansion with a pool? Well, not as much, but the pool would definitely be nice.

The point being that I can’t afford the outright price tag of extraordinary. We can, however, find it if we keep our eyes open.

Today, while we were traveling, my family and I spent time swimming with tropical fish in a pool. Not extravagant, but extraordinary to watch up close as sting rays, groupers, and schos of clown fish interact. Alien and beautiful.

Those moments when you get together with friends after a long absence are also magical. The rush of warmth and welcome almost overwhelming in the best possible way.

And quiet moments with my wife at the end of the day. Sitting together and just enjoying the accomplishment of getting through another day with teenagers without losing all of our sanity.

Finding the extraordinary is just meditation. Give yourself the opportunity to reflect on all of those miracles.

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