Defining Your Process

Quick, buy my course on creating your very own, sales-driven process that’s guaranteed to make you millions! Or -actually- don’t. I would never begrudge anyone their hustle, but if someone ever tries to sell you certified success, you are just funding theirs. Defining your process, making it your own, is how you move forward.

If my life in the classroom has taught me anything, it’s that we all create differently. While the writing process itself might be similar -brainstorm, first draft, final copy, etc.- how we get there is very personal. A lot of my time is spent helping students find their way rather than presenting them with a solid path.

I could have, obviously, created templates that would have led to ‘better’ results. But what became increasing clear over the years is that their results were always going to be standard. Templates and borrowed processes cripple creativity. While I could end up with a class full of top-level writing, it was all regurgitated and stale.

The same is true for any creative profession. Take the courses, learn from others, but in the end, you must figure out what works for you. You are not the same as anyone else, and your process is going to be just as unique. Even better, your process will and should be continually evolving. Even if you use someone else’s starting point, your finish line will be constantly shifting.

Take time in defining your process. Measure and adapt with it as you learn, progress, and become a better writer and creative. And while hearing about other processes can be inspiring, know that your own is just so much more important.

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