On Theme Parks and Storytelling

On theme parks and storytelling, I have recently had a lot to explore. While traveling with my family, we have visited several parks as part of our vacation. We have been on some exceptionally good rides. Roller coasters with digital elements blended seamlessly into the background. But what stands out, at the end of our […]


We all want to do well, to be creative, and to get a lot done during the day. But it is inevitable that we sometimes will end our day, looking back on what we have accomplished, and really wonder about our overall productivity. An important question that we should be asking ourselves, if we keep […]

Lost in a Crowd

This is something that I am constantly at odds with, especially at this moment in my journey. There are so many fantastic people around me doing the same work. I mean, even in the same small community I live in. It’s hard to pull yourself out of the pack and present yourself as different. It’s […]

Open Doors

It is a common expression that you should always be looking to open doors and never close them. Most of the time, I would absolutely agree with that. Doors here are a metaphor for clients, opportunities, and the kind of work that we are doing. But while we need to stay in an open and […]


If there is any word that is most likely to introduce tension into our lives, it’s the word ‘relax’. It almost feels wrong to let go, but we absolutely need to. If we spend all our time in high stress, looming deadlines, and last-minute fixes, we would be suffering from ulcers or worse. The idea […]


While planning is a responsible choice, having a vision that’s too narrow can be damaging. Yes, you might want success for your work to look a specific way. You have made your vision-board and now you are working hard to make it happen. But you should never forget about adaptability. Don’t let your vision of […]

Always Beginning

The creative work we do is a journey. It’s hard to get started and even more difficult to maintain. And we are often working for that time when it can all be easier. We tend to forget that only happens when we are done, retirement or otherwise. In such an iterative trade, it is a […]

Inching Forward

Forward progress is still progress. We don’t need to be embarrassed or compare ourselves to others in terms of where we are and where we would like to be. Success is as much about luck as it is about planning. Growth is as much about persistence as it is about being fortunate. Inching forward is […]


There is no moving forward without looking back. Reflection is a practice that I have always embedded in my time in education, and I am finding it just as valuable in writing. It is a powerful tool and it has to be used effectively, mindfully, and not sporadically. We need to find ways to embed […]

Working through Adversity

It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. At some point, you are going to be writing for someone who doesn’t seem to want you there. They are prickly, adversarial, and constantly questioning your work. You wonder why they even hired you in the first place. But working through adversity can sometimes […]