While planning is a responsible choice, having a vision that’s too narrow can be damaging. Yes, you might want success for your work to look a specific way. You have made your vision-board and now you are working hard to make it happen. But you should never forget about adaptability. Don’t let your vision of success block your ability to have it.

Setting your sights on a particular brand or definition of success limits your potential in other markets. You might have skills or talents in voices and perspectives you had never considered before. There might be markets that are perfect for your style that you just haven’t seen yet. Making yourself the end-all, be-all writer for one specific group only limits your overall capabilities.

And while you don’t want to push too far too fast, and strand yourself in the middle of an ocean, having an open mind and trying new things can only generate new business. Expertise is something to be nurtured and grown, not just fed the same challenges repeatedly.

Write like you are always learning. Take on new clients with fresh perspectives and it will only enhance your old work. Prove your adaptability to evolve, enhance, and engage your audience. New situations and new challenges keep us interested but they also keep our work informed.

Absolutely have a plan. Reflect on the present and make those appropriate adjustments. But in all the planning, keep an open mind on the opportunities that are all around you. Don’t let a single-minded definition of success be your failure.

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