Always Learning

It’s a little cliché to admit at this point, but it is nonetheless pretty important for us to be always learning. There is no one moment of arrival, when you have all of the skills you are ever going to need. No moment where you know everything you are ever going to need to know. Always learning is a basic human condition.

And it’s one that should be following us into our business practices. There is a lot of bleed-over in creative work. Even if I am focused on writing, research, and copy, the more I know about website design and publishing helps me to be better at my job. If I take the time to become an expert in the industry which I am representing, that again just helps me with my work. In addition, it becomes another tool in my belt.

The fact that we are always learning should not be something to be dismissed, rather celebrated. It’s not exhausting to keep progressing, it’s invigorating. Should it lead us to completely revolutionize our day-to-days in small steps, so much the better.

Taking those moments to learn can help us to prioritize and to re-imagine the work that we are doing. In fact, the work itself feels fresh the more I accept the fact that I am always learning.

The best side effect of this process is that, while I am always learning, I am always improving as well. Every project, every newly learned tool leads me to being better.

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