If there is any word that is most likely to introduce tension into our lives, it’s the word ‘relax’. It almost feels wrong to let go, but we absolutely need to. If we spend all our time in high stress, looming deadlines, and last-minute fixes, we would be suffering from ulcers or worse. The idea is to still love what you do, despite the fast pace of it at times.

There is this misconception that the work we do should come easily to us. It doesn’t. Nor should it. What we crave is a challenge that matches or creative abilities. We want to solve problems that we are interested in. In fact, we are creating solutions that we are uniquely capable of providing. It is not easy, but it is rewarding.

And when you get this all figured out, you start to get busy. Which is absolutely a good thing. Being busy, being creative, all a part of the overall dream. But they can’t be the only guiding principles.

If we do not take those minor moments to step back, or if we do not take the time to be with our friends and family and to leave the regular work behind, we will become stagnant and burn out. We need to take back our time and learn how to relax.

To truly relax is not an easy thing to do. To completely shut off all outside considerations and focus on you and everything you love in the moment. All too fleeting and precious. Most of us are not one hundred percet successful at this and even that can spark some stress and tension, searching for a way to just let go for a few moments.

Just tell someone to relax and see the kind of face they give you in return.

The only solution to this problem that I have found is to be consistent. Not that I am taking days and hours off every week, but that I am making a habit of letting go.

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