Leadership Culture

Leadership culture is the largest determining factor to a toxic work environment. The people around the leader give the rest of the workers the largest cues as to what kind of environment they are living in. Surrounded by sycophants? Then this workplace is not open to new ideas. Surrounded by bullies? Then the workplace values […]

Understanding Empathy

It’s a cliché to say that you need empathy as a leader. It seems to go without saying that you should feel for those who are working under your care. In fact, it is almost trite to suggest that truly understanding empathy will make you a better leader. Trite, perhaps; but true. Empathy is just […]

Stepping Sideways

Unless you are the owner of the company, or the chairperson of the board, we need to do away with the overwhelmingly negative implications of ‘moving up.’ Unless you are in charge, all moves within an organization need to be seen as lateral. Hierarchical structures lead to undue stress and manipulation. Changing roles in a […]

Make Sure to Stretch

Don’t get too comfortable in you niche. It’s a sprint that will be over all too soon. A niche is cozy but unpredictable and it can disappear at a moment’s notice. So, every once and a while, make sure to stretch. Stay close to home, by all means. Just push at the boundaries a little, […]

Getting Lost in Reinvention

Sometimes it is easy to be distracted by the small details that we tweak and manipulate. Trapped by needless innovation, we run the risk of getting lost in reinvention. Don’t get me wrong. Innovation is key to growth, and we should be constantly looking at those things that we should change about our lives, our […]