Making it Interesting

If we focus too much on the grind, we run the risk of getting bored. Making it interesting elevates the work.

If we live inside of our niche, we run the risk of stagnating. Making our work interesting helps us flourish.

We need to focus on making it interesting. On finding new ways to challenge ourselves, learning and growing as individuals and professionals. If there is no challenge, there is no fun. If there is no interest, there is no motivation. We can quickly trap ourselves in boredom.

Patterns, schedules, and routines, all helpful for keeping us on track. As long as those schedules lead somewhere and those routines lift us out of drudgery. Patterns can also be helpful as long as they lead to improvement and not closed minded writing.

It’s important to shake it up, once and a while, break the routines and re-examine the patterns. Sometimes the routine is to break the routine, just to make sure we have healthy habits. Even if, ultimately, we end up back on the regular routine, it is important to make those changes and keep things fresh. We can’t know we are doing our best unless we check once in a while.

That’s something that keeps me going, as well, when my schedule can’t be the same. My morning might get shot with an extended client meeting, but that gives me the opportunity to test my skills outside of the routine. Maybe it’s some work that I am have no expertise in, but that gives me opportunity to grow into a different skill set.

Keep the challenges coming. Switch up the routines. Make it interesting.

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