Getting Your Foot in the Door

I don’t have an answer for this. And anyone who says they do you should probably avoid. Getting your foot in the door for your potential clients is the most difficult and necessary task of any business.

We are told it’s all about solving problems and providing service. I would agree, in most cases. What we can provide for our clients has to be a service that solves a problem for them. It has to be worthwhile if they are going to throw money in our direction. If it’s a problem we can solve consistently, so much the better for the repeat business.

The principle is absolutely sound. The only difficulty I have with the process is that we are still shouting out into the ether, trying to get attention in an attention economy.

And of course, that’s the business. If I can’t do that, why would you hire me in the first place. Totally understood. The point, here, is that the methodology is going to be in constant flux. We need to change, adapt, and evolve with the technology at a frightening pace in order to stay ahead of the curve.

In the work that we do, the writing that is our focus, we have to be consistently on the edge. We are always learning. That’s what will help us to not grow stagnant, to change our approach, and to find new ways of generating business and solving future problems.

I’m not saying this isn’t a problem others haven’t solved. They have; for now. But I will constantly be wary of anyone who claims to hold a magic key and is willing to sell it. Perhaps I’m just too cynical.

It really comes down to style, effort, and market. There never has been a one size fits all solution, as so much of your business depends on compatibility, collaboration, and available work. Getting your foot in the door is always going to be a focus, and the solution is always going to change.

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