No doubt about it, our day is filled with useless moments. From too much time on social media, to problem solving the petty things for others, or just putting our focus in the wrong projects. There are altogether too many distractions. But like many other frequent problems, it’s not something to run away from, but harnessed.

That’s not to say that we should throw all concepts of productivity or routine out the window. Far from it. Avoiding useless distraction should absolutely be at the core of what we are doing as we create. We absolutely need to limit diversions and to put them in their proper place.

But sometimes you just must embrace the chaos.

It is unavoidable that we just cannot dodge interference forever. It is a natural part of any day and, if we approach those moments correctly, sometimes they can lead us to exactly the inspiration we need to move forward. Get a call from your friend? That conversation might spark a new idea, perspective, or connection. Need to problem solve a tech issue? That might lead you to a whole new system that you can write about.

However, you can be too focussed. We need to stay open to new connections, new ways of seeing the world. The opportunities to adjust our thinking or give our brain a pause are difficult to plan into a day. These natural disturbances can give us all the pause we need.

Distractions are not some horrible phantasms that should inspire fear. And while irritation, the occasional interruptions that they provide can fuel more progress than they steal away.

If we don’t let them take over.

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