Why Take Charge

You are filled with great ideas, fantastic work ethic, people are constantly asking you opinion and questions. You are a leader in everything but name, so why take charge? Why would you step out in front and take on those extra responsibilities, knowing about all the challenging work that is to come? The answer to those questions informs the people you will be working with what kind of leader they can expect.

This isn’t a Shakespeare moment. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Sure, absolutely. But no one just wakes up one day as a boss, confused and asking how the hell they got their own office. No matter which of William’s categories describe you, at some point you had to make a choice to take up the space.

That’s the choice that the people working under you are going to see. It’s going to be reflected in every decision that you make. If you decided that you had to be a leader because you are just inherently better than everyone else, that narcissism is going to permeate every choice and policy you create. Perhaps it was a financial motivation. Again, same result, as money only inspires so much effort, and they will see you working neither smarter nor harder.

Alternatively, if you answer to ‘why take charge?’ is more altruistic, it will be felt in your practice. Are you looking forward to the challenges? Can you make a difference in the lives of the people working for you? Do you care about them?

Your intentions tell others everything they need to know about who you are as a leader.

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