Details Matter

As a leader the big picture is important. You cannot get distracted by the minutiae of day-to-day operations. That’s where your leadership and guidance come into play, reminding your employees of the goal, and keeping them focused on it. And while you have to become adept at letting go, you cannot forget that details matter. […]

Politics and Leadership

Politics and leadership go together like pasta and sauce. You cannot have one without the other. It’s fantastic when our leaders are chosen purely on merit, but that is rarely the case. Those who lead usually have political acumen above that of us mere mortals. And honestly, I do not begrudge them that. Leadership and […]

Lead From the Side

There are so many analogies about leadership and space already. ‘Lead from the front’ tends to mean you are out doing the same work as the employees. ‘Lead from the back’ tends to mean that you operate like general, making plans. There are benefits and drawbacks to both; a better option for most is to […]

Why Take Charge

You are filled with great ideas, fantastic work ethic, people are constantly asking you opinion and questions. You are a leader in everything but name, so why take charge? Why would you step out in front and take on those extra responsibilities, knowing about all the challenging work that is to come? The answer to […]

Real Communication

The quickest way to lose any group you are working with is to not engage in real communication. Real in that way that you are communicating from a place of honesty and directness. If you want to lead then you need those people that you are working with to want to follow. It’s difficult to […]

Leadership is Wrong

Or, more accurately, they shouldn’t be afraid to be. From politicians to CEOs to teachers in classrooms, being wrong is just part of the job. Understanding that leadership is wrong, at least some of the time, allows us to adjust more quickly. To say that you are never wrong as a leader is exhausting. No […]

Leadership Culture

Leadership culture is the largest determining factor to a toxic work environment. The people around the leader give the rest of the workers the largest cues as to what kind of environment they are living in. Surrounded by sycophants? Then this workplace is not open to new ideas. Surrounded by bullies? Then the workplace values […]

Keeping Your Inner Protagonist in Check

Yes, your boss is terrible. They make horrible decisions that hurt overall productivity. They don’t understand their own impact and are openly nepotistic. Worse, you boss clearly has it out for you. Your inner protagonist is screaming. One of these statements isn’t true. No, your boss really is terrible. If they are making decisions without […]

Understanding Empathy

It’s a cliché to say that you need empathy as a leader. It seems to go without saying that you should feel for those who are working under your care. In fact, it is almost trite to suggest that truly understanding empathy will make you a better leader. Trite, perhaps; but true. Empathy is just […]

For Decisions

I have been in leadership and I have been led. This is not bragging, just pointing out that I have seen both sides of the coin. By far, the biggest impact leadership has is in how they make their choices, not even what those choices. Decisions are either made for, with, or to the staff. […]