Fatigue, especially in this moment in time, is heavier than it has ever been. I know that I have been feeling this, deeply, since all of this began. It’s an understandable reaction to an unbelievable moment in history and we shouldn’t feel bad about it, in any way.

We are going to have those days where we just come home and scream ‘screw it!’ We are going to have grief and doubt gripping us with unflappable, bone-tired misery. At this moment in time, completely understandable. It’s what we do about it.

We can talk about how taking a moment and investing the time back into yourself are very good for you, no matter the circumstances. We can talk about how everyone is going through this moment together. And we should definitely talk about how we can support each other through these moments of misery and look forward to the small moments of joy we can share every day.

You are allowed to feel, to be tired, angry, and upset. I can feel lost and lethargic. We can allow each other to truly experience these moments because they matter. We shouldn’t ignore them.

I refuse to feel guilty for feeling the moment but I will take responsibility for living there.

That’s where our support systems become so important. We need to surround ourselves with people who lift us up when we are tired, who support us through our tears, but gradually lead us to a place of contentment again. You cannot ignore fatigue, you have to acknowledge it and move on.

Otherwise it becomes our personal phantasm, chasing us through our day-to-day, making everything seem just that much harder. You are not weak for feeling it, I am not feeble for recognizing it. Fatigue does not make us tired.

Pretending it doesn’t exist is exhausting.

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