Sample Write-Up: The Empire Theatre

One of our most unique and cherished destinations in the downtown core is the Empire Theatre. It is famous for its friendly staff, comfortable seating, and inviting spaces. At the Empire, you can enjoy live theatre, concerts, comedians, or first run movies. 

The Empire Theatre is open year round and boasts world class performances, musicals, stage productions, comedians, and live entertainment. A quick visit to their website reveals a who’s-who of Canadian music, performance artists, and talent from around the world. The Empire can even be used as a streaming studio, so live events can be broadcast out to a wider audience.

If the traditional blockbuster fare is getting a little stale, the Empire Theatre presents alternative cinema, with world-renowned documentaries, art, and independent films. With an excellent commissary downstairs and a great bar upstairs, your refreshment needs will always be taken care of.

Finally, the proximity to many restaurants, shops, and experiences in the Belleville downtown core makes going to the theatre the crowning jewel in an evening out on the town.

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