Rachel Maddington

Head of Marketing at Running Company Canada, a fitness brand specializing in running shoes and equipment.  RCC is a small company but is quickly gaining name recognition and is looking to expand its customer base through promotions and advertisements. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing 
  • Master of Marketing 
  • Interned at Nike Canada 
  • Worked at Livestrong Canada (5 Years) 
  • Hired to work as Associate of Marketing at RCC (5 Years) 
  • Promoted to Head of Marketing (5 Years) 

Marketing History 

  • When company was smaller, Rachel worked on and ran promotions entirely in-house 
  • Eyeing growing market shares, Rachel is looking to expand knowledge and bring in outside creativity 
  • Rachel wants to hire outside companies for expertise in creating stunning visuals 
  • Rachel is used to being entirely in charge of the process, so she is a little nervous in this expansion 

Potential Issues 

  • Rachel is used to being in complete control of marketing, production and end-product. 
  • She has a mind for strategy and strong opinions about the end-product. 
  • She has reservations about expanding to include outside companies but is motivated by a desire for marketing that is more technical and creative 
  • Looking for a company to work with rather than work over; Rachel has a strong sense of RCC’s brand and needs a company with a strong sense of self 
  • Balance between collaboration and direction 
  • Rachel is looking for new directions in marketing, not just recreating their old materials through a new lens 

Looking For 

  • Just like RCC, Rachel is looking at small to medium sized companies to experiment with the expansion of services, marketing 
  • She is looking for companies that offer a great deal of collaboration 
  • Rachel wants to be able to have say in final product but wants to allow for creativity of the company being hired 
  • Friendlier, casual approach to production in order to facilitate collaboration 
  • A company with a strong sense of brand and self-aware 
  • A company that doesn’t mind ‘working without a menu’, creating and introducing new techniques, tag lines, and brand strategies as they work 
  • A company that is adaptive in its approach to projects 
  • A company that is inventive and expanding 
  • Creative portfolio of products and services 
  • Creative portfolio that is always changing and expanding 

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