Snowed In

We survived the snowmageddon of 2022, where a month’s worth of snow fell on us in a day. Schools and businesses were closed. We stayed inside, save for needing to go out ever few hours to find the driveway. Even our internet infrastructure failed, making us well and truly snowed in.

So we spent the day together, as a family. Yes, some of that was working to dig out our driveway, but even that leads to some incredible moments of learning. We were able to relax together after the work because we had no other choice. No Netflix or Disney+, no Minecraft or online games, and no way for us to even work remotely in our classes or at our jobs.

Relaxation enforced by snow. Guilt free.

But there was no emotion in it. No malevolence on beneficence. Just the cold (excuse the pun) reality of a few hours with little else to do but read, play games, and spend time with each other as a family.

I can tell you, with weeks of virtual school and working remotely, as a family we needed it.

That’s the hard part of the remote work reality. You are always at work. And just like it can be difficult for some to ignore those household chores to relax, it is equally difficult to ignore those emails or tasks left undone at work, especially when they are so easily accessed from your home office.

I am not sure when relax became a swear word. And I know that I am guilty of considering it as such. I do know, in the glow of time yesterday, surrounded by the laughter and smiles together, that I am looking forward to the next time we get snowed in.

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