Fireworks are the little miracle That we forget And only remember when They are dancing in the sky Fireworks are that magic that Binds old and new Bringing us all to the brink And drowning us in memories If we take the time To let the colours seep into Our souls then The magic can […]


Nostalgia Is the heavy keys on a keyboard That remind you of the typewriters You learned to dance your fingers on It’s the weight you now look for The steely clack The endless rythm The assurance of force at your fingertips As you wrestle through another treatise It is the promise of a moment Long […]

I am Still Going

I am still going, even though I don’t have a clue what I am doing. I mean, when it comes to writing, I am fine. I am a great storyteller and I know that I have a way with words. When it comes to the business side of things . . . well, I certainly […]

Know Yourself

It’s no secret that choosing to be a creative writer is going to lead you down an introspective path. There is no other way to write other than to reflect yourself in words, sometimes mirrored off the experiences of others. To know yourself means that you will write better. And that’s more than just in […]