Exhaustion is more than just feeling tired, it is an overwhelming emotional and moral fatigue that permeates every facet of your life. You don’t fight exhaustion, you either succumb to it or you work on healing it. Anyone trying to give you the advice just to shrug it off doesn’t know what they are talking […]


It’s difficult not to take things personally, especially in our professional lives. And while I would love to live under some measure of hakuna matata, that isn’t the case. Whether it’s ideas that are rejected, or lessons that are ignored, disappointment can be a difficult emotion to wrangle. The upside, if you didn’t feel it, […]

A Bad Day

Yesterday I hit a wall. Bad. Just a full-on emotional stop. Everything was going wrong. I felt like a failure on every level of my personal and professional life. My health issues, only getting worse. Pedagogy in the classroom, diminishing rapidly. My writing goals completely unfulfilled. This was a bad day. I won’t shy away […]