The mist rolls in Over the evergreens Reaching to heaven Layer on layer Into the blue distance A beautiful cliche That never tires My eyes were stuck Through winding roads And endless paths Into, over and around The mountains For a lad from the prairies It is a breathtaking sight To have the world swallow […]

Long Travel Days

There is something hypnotic and frightening to me about long travel days. I can’t help falling to sleep in the car while my mind wanders listlessly through endless storylines, to-do lists, and vague imagination. Sometimes I will even break into a little anxiety, just to shake things up. But now there is something to do […]

Over Relaxed

There may be a point When you become Over relaxed Where the cares of this world Melt too far away To even be acknowledged There may be a point Where you don’t feel The pressure to perfome To write To feel to create Where the world Isn’t watching Your every move There may be a […]

Know Your Moment

For some of us, this is entirely about routine. You write one thousand words -every day, without fail- right after breakfast. That’s when the mood strikes you, or when you know to tame it, and you are at your most productive. I think that’s incredibly efficient and self-aware. You must know your moment, in the […]