Telling Your Story

Especially in this crazy time of online connection, the easiest way to have new clients trust you and your brand is simply to tell them who you are. You need to focus on inviting them to understand who you are and to participate in your story. To that end: What is your story? Why are you so driven? And how can you make their lives better?

If you tell the story of your brand and business properly, your clients can only see themselves as part of the tale, when they see how you can help them in their day-to-day lives.

That’s the challenge: drawing out the most important part of the story, the part that is going to inspire trust, collaboration, and a sense of community.  A story that everyone can understand and feel a part of.

Once you have that story, everything else just starts falling into place around it. That moment you can see yourself and your business as part of a bigger story, it becomes much simpler to decide on marketing strategies, logo designs, emails campaigns, and products.

We are all romantics looking for just the right story.