What is this cragged face We see haunting our shelves 
the colour of bone 

Among a myriad of dusty junk perhaps a planter 
now alone 

What are these sightless lifeless eyes of yours that stare 
unseen towards 

Us with your unmoving expression frozen in marble 
you voiceless lord 

Should we heed your face your nameless nose your words have 
served their thrust 

Now spent stay silent Do you not know us you cracked and 
forgotten old bust 

We are the Lords of Tomorrow we speak we know we meet 
in invisible droves 

We feed ourselves on Future’s Mana We have no need of 
your stale loaves 

We are the children of the megabyte close cousins to our 
calculating creations 

We search for knowledge through our fingertips rule the world 
with our innovations 

See all colours through bytes and windows filtered through our 
highspeed thinking machines 

We revolt in digital sound crash whole governments with a keystroke 
bring down corrupt regimes 

Ah the flash of information as it makes its way across 
the pulsing screen 

Ah the flash of inspiration that to your old marble bust 
is so obscene 

How now old head why can’t you simply and forever 
just dissolve 

Have not all your tired old questions long ago 
been solved 

Yes here’s the answer to your riddle you ancient grimy 
cracked meddler 

One click on scroll one smartphone call one inquiry 
to my peddler 

The Great Global Village who faceless daunts you in your 
minute marble place 

Why your thought you knew everything held all of the  
universe in grace 

Little did your know old stuffed head so proud that  
this universe expands 

How limited were all your aged questions poems answers 
and pleading demands 

Yes We’re sure of it now old head so sure that your stale words 
will die in dust 

And you will never be more to Our Village than a 
pixelated picture of a bust