On the Nature of Gratitude

Today I find myself reflecting on the nature of gratitude. I don’t think that I always appreciate all those thousand, tiny miracles every day. Miracles like the support of my partner, the encouragement of friends, and the responsibility of being a parent. These are all blessings that, when we forget, can be easily lost.

My partner is a miracle. Or at least she performs a million miracles a day, keeping us on track, making sure everything gets done, and -most of all- that we all get the opportunity to live our dreams. I don’t understand how she is able to keep up the pace, the schedule, the to-do lists. The utter selflessness that she exudes daily is a wonder.

My friends are their own kind of inspiration. The work they do, the passion they exude, it all compels me. How can I be living my best life if I am not chasing that kind of satisfaction? The encouragement they share is, again, nothing short of supernatural. Whether it is a kind word or a kick in the ass, equally motivating. And necessary, as it happens, with all my self-doubts.

Then there are my kids. For them, I can only hope. Hope that I am living the kind of life they can learn from. Pray that they can learn lessons -good and bad- with my approach to this world. Love them each second of the day for the blessings that they are. They are the reason to succeed beyond my own narcissism and curiosity. I want them to run hard and hunt those dreams.

I am not sure where this is all going, but I just needed to scream my thanks into the ether. The nature of gratitude is that sometimes you can’t help but say it out loud, even though you feel it every day.

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