The flow pulls me in Over the edge I fly with the water Foaming, expanding, falling Flowing, going, Going, gone I am in my head Again Trying to break free Of that which holds me Down Let it go Let if flow Let it drift on tides To places unknown The rush and the roar […]


The mist rolls in Over the evergreens Reaching to heaven Layer on layer Into the blue distance A beautiful cliche That never tires My eyes were stuck Through winding roads And endless paths Into, over and around The mountains For a lad from the prairies It is a breathtaking sight To have the world swallow […]

Over Relaxed

There may be a point When you become Over relaxed Where the cares of this world Melt too far away To even be acknowledged There may be a point Where you don’t feel The pressure to perfome To write To feel to create Where the world Isn’t watching Your every move There may be a […]


Exhaustion melts my motivation Like a candle in the sun Waning and falling over In a useless clump There is no energy No passion in the midday sun The heat oppresses Compresses And compels lackadaisical thinking Thoughts foggy Memories cloudy Purpose opaque There is no such thing as energy In the tropical sunlight Unless it […]


Fireworks are the little miracle That we forget And only remember when They are dancing in the sky Fireworks are that magic that Binds old and new Bringing us all to the brink And drowning us in memories If we take the time To let the colours seep into Our souls then The magic can […]


Nostalgia Is the heavy keys on a keyboard That remind you of the typewriters You learned to dance your fingers on It’s the weight you now look for The steely clack The endless rythm The assurance of force at your fingertips As you wrestle through another treatise It is the promise of a moment Long […]

Excitement vs Anxiety

Butterflies and knots Heart racing Head pounding My fingers all tremors On the edge of my seat On the tip of the spear In the pit of my stomach My guts doing loop de loop The only difference Is the smile Or the lack thereof On my face Taking a cue From Douglas Adams I […]

Into the Unknown

Into the unknown Is frightening Enlightening Anxiety ridden Into the unknown For someone who plans And plans And takes no action Is just taking a single step Forward Into the unknown To see that it’s terrifying But worth it That it will always be scary But exciting That it will never be easy But that’s […]

A touch of summer

A touch of summer in the eyes On lids closed As a warm breeze kisses our faces It’s bright enough the see the green The hope of the world Even with our eyes closed We can smell the air Untainted As it tickles our faces Rushing past to bring smiles To everyone on the lake […]


This is not your typical graduation The years have not been kind to learning Isolation is no true guide This is not just ceremony Nor is it celebration time This is a moment in a story Where you look back at what came Before Before moving on This is where you take stock This is […]